Age:  39  -|- DOB: 03/18/1980 -|- Gender:  Female

Transition Start: 03/14/2018 (Trans-female)

Martial Status:  Divorced -|- In a relationship          Career:  Massage Therapist -|- Priestess & Divine Seer

Western Zodiac:  Cusp of Rebirth, Pisces/Aries

Eastern Zodiac:  Metal Monkey

Oftentimes - confidence is mistaken for arrogance. 

A grave error.  I digress....


It has taken nearly 4 decades for me to be comfortable in my own skin.  To know, with each passing breath.  Each rise and fall of my chest (now having developed), each sound that comes from lips without depth in tone, all that was forsaken on that frightful day at the tender age of 7...I fought and bled for this.  The woman I am, have been and am becoming more so with each passing day.

With the love of another, believing that something outside of me is actually possible to care and nurture that which is finally blossoming.  Ask.  Learn.  Grow.  Love.  All of it.

Estrogen has united my body with the essence of my heart, yes - yet there is no true timeline for when someone finally begins their 

journey towards unifying with their inner voice/higher power, stripped of all expected vanity and embracing evolution.  We never stop growing, expanding and evolving. 


Stagnation is death.

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