© 2019 By Ysandril Morrigan, Ph.D., LMT

Ysandril Morrigan, Ph.D., LMT

Age: 39 

Pisces/Aries (Cusp of Rebirth)


(Easier:  TranspandemiACE? Maybe?? o.o)

Mother to an amazing girl!

(She calls me Tama, which means enlightened caretaker)

Licensed Massage Therapist

StarSeed Priestess

Tarot/Palm Reader

Spiritual Counselor

Ordained Minister

Energy Healer


...huff, puff, I think that's it.

I have had quite the journey to bring me to where I am now.  Having been born into the wrong body and assigned the wrong gender - I have struggled and fought to become the woman I am today.

I explored all the avenues - stubbornly until I got to the last potential answer.  Having spent 20 years in retail, 9 of it in management, sales, customer service and other facets of career and life, I exhausted all outcomes.

Being a healer, caretaker, and nurturing parent didn't fit the box society wrapped me up in and also shoo'd me along with.  In my exploration of a career as a massage therapist I found that for me, my body and gender assignment didn't mesh with how I felt I could deliver myself either.

All the educational variables I certified or acquired degrees in all fell into an even pile of qualifications I felt solidified myself as a holistic practioner even more so as my physical and emotional centers fell into alignment with that as well.

I love helping people find their truths whether it be in body, mind, or soul (or any combination of all of the above).  I realized that to connect to and provide care for others, most often I must understand and potentially provide remedy to their physical ailments to reach an area of acceptance to provide guidance to the mental and spiritual aspects.

I always desire to be growing, learning and evolving.  To never be stagnant and acknowledge that all paths are valid paths.  Truth is personal and perspective and I respect and honor the divine presence and connection that serves you best.  ~I'm here to help if you want me to!~  

Love all Serve All


Bad-ass, multidimensional guardian and princess of seraphims!
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