Activism - since June 2019 I have been an active participant in various aspects of activism.  From the ACLU's Rights for All Campaign (interacting with nearly every presidential candidate), Lights for Liberty (Migrant Rights Rally), Moms Against the Camps, and several other initiatives having had

my participation.

Yet key in these brief 7 months (which I know pales in comparison to the investment of others) I have learned for the moment that in the midst of my transition (as a transgirl) my mind and heart are changing - and I have learned (mostly from my critics) that I am not what I should be.  So in this coming year of 2020 - I have decided that unless directly solicited for participation that I will take a step back and watch, support and observe.

For myself, I shall continue to stand and be a voice for trans rights, and (again) as asked will participate and support initiatives that seek me out.

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