This is the one space where I can be unfiltered and simply speak.  Click on the bio page if you're looking to connect with me on a more professional level.  Otherwise, here we go~~

The Tale of Ysandril~


37.5 into my existence I put together what I knew began as confusion and trauma at the age of 7.  After failed relationships, a failed marriage and a barrage of sexual abuse.  

I have found the internet filled with stories of how people who have overcame adversity or challenge give hope to those who read about them.  I could tell you how from the ages of 7-11, those who claimed to be christian, violated and defiled my body.  

I could tell you that I was bullied, harassed and have dealt with suicidal ideations the majority of my life.  That all that I have just written to the page here, easily riddled my life with anxiety and depression.

Yet I will tell you with ALL of this, there is one singular important fact:  I am still here.

And I will tell you, that I am still here because I realized that a doctor was wrong in my assigned gender at birth.  That society was wrong to call me anything masculine, male, boy, man or otherwise.  Yet I will also say, that if the events of my life were different - being a product of the Washington D.C. metro area and potentially coming out earlier in my life, I could also be dead right now, too.

So I would never go back and change anything.


I have 4 living relatives.  My mother, my father, my grandfather (my dad's dad) and my daughter.  I do not exist to most of my blood family (I've been disowned) because of being trans.  

My journey in my transition has been helped mostly by my wife Gwen.  Her experience in transitioning longer than me and her huge heart of compassion and empathy have allowed me to blossom into who I currently am today.

As of this writing, I am about 3.5 years into my physical transition.  What makes up my appearance, is hormones (estrogen), make-up and very fortunate genetics.  My wife being 27, I am often thought to be her age or younger even though I'm 14 years older (41).

I'm very open about the aspects of my transition.  I personally feel that for those in my community who can, the only way we can dispel the ignorance and fear surrounding trans and the umbrella it defines is to be open to questions from those who are not.  I recognize that not everyone feels this way or feels they have the ability to do this.  But I feel called to do it and that is my current plan.

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